The Hoover Dam Millennium Coin 2000

This coin salutes one of man's greatest achievments and is dedicated to the dam builders who built this engineering wonder of the modern world.


Gold Guilded Silver
14 Karat Gold Overlay.

Sterling Silver
Solid Bronze

Limited edition

 Limited edition

 Limited edition

Coin Size: 11/2" diameter. Letter of authenticity accompanies gold and silver coin.
Each coin comes in protective packaging with story.

Gold (Gilded): $55

Silver: $45

Bronze: $10

Hoover Dam 60th Anniversary Series Coins
The obverse for all three coins in the series. These coins commemorate the 60th aniversary of the Hoover Dam.

Gold - $130


Silver - $110


Bronze - $24


"Construction, To Build a Giant" "They Labored, That Millions Might See a Brighter Day" "A Vision Fulfilled, Harnessing Water for Prosperity"  

This coin depicts a steam locomotive at the Babcock and Wilcox plant passing through a 30-foot diameter section of steel pipe. These pipes pass Lake Mead water into the hydro-electric generator turbines, then into the Colorado River

During the construction of Hoover Dam there were few jobs that equaled the daring and danger of the high scaler hanging hundreds of feet in the air on the side of a deep canyon knocking away loose rock and setting dynamite charges.


These impressive thirty-foot high sculptures by Oscar J. W. Hansen were the largest monumental bronzes ever cast in the U.S. Sitting on a base of black diorite they are positioned over a star chart indicating the planets' positions at the time of Hoover Dam's dedication.

100th Anniversary Commemorative Coin
Obverse   Reverse  
The face of the newest coin, struck for the 100th Anniversary of the Bureau of Reclamation. The Back of the 100th Anniversary Coin. Dedicated to the Bureau of Reclamtions' visions for the future.
"Hoover Dam, A Century of Reclamation"   "A Salute to the Project of the Century"  
Gold - $55

Silver - $45


Bronze - $10




A Dam Fine Millennium Wine!
Let's drink this wine before it's time.

This fine Nevada wine was especially produced by Pahrump Valley Vineyards for the Millennium.


 Desert Blush

 Dam Fine Millennium Wine




Cabernet Sauvignon


Crème Sherry

These wines can be ordered on the Internet but special requirements have to be met in order to comply with various states' licensing laws. Persons must be 21 and provide positive proof of age. We suggest you contact us by e-mail and we will notify you with further information.